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Group: Toys
Breed Family: Terrier

The Spitz family can trace back its lineage millions of years to the Peat Dog of the New Stone Age lake dwellers. Prehistoric Spitz-type fossils have been uncovered in various European countries. Evidently, as the various tribes migrated throughout the European continent, the ancient peoples took their dogs along and bred them to suit their needs. This resulted in the many different Spitz breeds.

The family is quite large; a few of its members include the German Wolfspitz (or Great German Spitz), Deutscher Spitz (or German Spitz), Toy German Spitz, Nordic Spitz, Swedish Lapp Spitz, Finnish Spitz, American Eskimo, and Pomeranian. With the exception of size and color, all the Spitz family members share similar traits: prick ears, a mane of hair around the neck, and a high-set plumed tail carried over the back.


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