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Group: Herding
Breed Family: Bouvier des Flandres

The origins of the Bouvier de Flandres are uncertain, for although the Belgians claim that it is of Belgian origin, it was undoubtedly developed to its present standard by the French. Found predominantly in Southwest Flanders and in Northern France, it is primarily a herding dog, although it was also sometimes used as a cart dog in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The Bouvier first appeared on the show bench at a Brussels show in 1910. Mr. Fontaine, vice president of the Club St. Hubert du Nord, was instrumental in developing a breed standard. The standard was drawn up in August of 1912 by a group of Bouvier fanciers centered in Roules, Flanders.

While much of the breeding stock was lost during World War I, it was later revived and grew in popularity over the years, both as a show dog and as a pet. However, its working abilities have not been neglected, and in Belgium, for instance, a Bouvier cannot win its championship unless it has also won a working dog competition as an army, defense or police dog.


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