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Group: Toys
Breed Family: Papillon

Known in the sixteenth century as the "Epagneul Nain" or Dwarf Spaniel, this breed had long, pendant ears, but gradually an erect-eared type evolved with fringed ears resembling the wings of butterfly, the word papillon being French for butterfly.

The name Papillon could not be more suitable for this dainty and elegant breed. Its heavily fringed ears are large with rounded tips, carried obliquely, and move like the wings of a butterfly. The Papillon came to France from Spain, via Italy, particularly Bologna, where a well-known trader named Giovanni Filipponi developed a considerable business with the French court of Louis XIV. His dogs were carried in crates on mules, and the first choice was offered to the Monarch, who, it is said, paid liberally for any dog that captured his fancy. Papillons were also favorites of the ladies at the French court, and Marie Antoinette and Madame de Pompadour were two famous owners.

In continental Europe as well as in England, there is a drop-eared variety called the Phalene, phalene being in French for a type of moth. Except for the ears, the breed is identical to the erect-eared variety.


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