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It would appear that the Skye Terrier is a very old breed indeed, although it is uncertain if the dog that the sixteenth century writer, Dr. Caius referred to was actually the Skye Terrier of today. The breed takes its name from the Isle of Skye in the west of Scotland, evidently his original home. Whatever its origins, it was a breed that from the beginning was favored by royalty.

As early as 1845 Queen Victoria was presented with a couple of old working Scotch Terriers by two country gentlemen of Argyllshire, one of them from the Duke of Argyllshire's kennels and the other from Donald Ferguson, the Lochgilpead foxhunter. The Queen seems to have taken to them immediately and over the years she continued to enjoy their company. Included among them was Caernach, a sandy-colored Skye, who along with Eos the Greyhound, accompanied the Queen on her first visit to Scotland. There were many more Skye Terriers who were to provide canine companionship for the Queen: Islay was for five years the Queen’s favorite dog, and Corran, brought from Balmoral to Windsor in 1863, was the favorite Skye of Prince Albert. Along with the Collie, the Skye Terrier was Queen Victoria’s favorite breed. It was perhaps because of her interest that the Skye was a well-known breed in nineteenth century England.


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