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Group: Terriers
Breed Family: Terrier

Francis Redmond, elected to the Kennel Club in 1893, was associated perhaps more than any other with the Smooth-coated Fox Terrier, a breed that he actively showed from at least the 1870's from his highly regarded and successful Totteridge Kennel. Desmond O'Connell, in Cassell's New Book of The Dog, 1907, wrote: "To no one do we owe so much; no one has made such a study of the breed, reducing it to almost a science, with the result that even outside his kennels no dog has any chance of permanently holding his own unless he has an ample supply of the blood."

One of Redmond's dogs, Ch. Donna Fortuna (by Ch. Dominie ex Ch. Dame Fortuna), was considered at the time to be the best Fox Terrier specimen ever produced. She was shown many times and never knew defeat.

The Fox Terrier was one breed in a group of Terriers whose original function was to go to ground after the fox, badger and other small vermin. Fox Terriers are believed to have derived from the old Rough-coated Black-and-Tan Terriers of Wales, Derbyshire and Durham, but their exact origins are unknown. The history of the modern Fox Terrier dates back to about the 1860's. Three well-known dogs of the day, Jock, Trap and Tartar, became the ancestors of all of the great Smooth and Wire-coated Fox Terriers. Early on the two types were bred together, regardless of coat.


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