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Group: Terriers
Breed Family: Terrier

Until recently, the Norfolk and the Norwich Terrier were recognized as the same breed. In 1964, The Kennel Club recognized as a Norwich Terrier what was up until then known as a drop-eared Norfolk Terrier. In 1979 the American Kennel Club followed suit.

Developed in Britain as a small working Terrier, the breed evidently got its start as a ratting Terrier in East Anglia. By the 1880’s it had become a fashionable pet among the undergraduates of Cambridge University.

The progenitors of the Norwich Terrier as we know it today developed near the city of Norwich. It was in Market Harborough, however, that Frank, "Roughrider" Jones developed a dog to be used as a ratter and to bolt foxes. In 1914, one of his breeding was the first Norwich Terrier to be imported to America, where it was known as the Jones Terrier. While known by most today as loyal and affectionate pets, the Norwich and Norfolk Terriers have not lost their working abilities, going to ground whenever given a chance.


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