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June 06, 2018  -  July 06, 2018



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William Secord Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition and sale of 32 paintings by members of the Earl family: George Earl, Thomas Earl and Maud Earl.

This exhibition is drawn from private collections as well as the estate of Mrs. Damon Raike of San Francisco. Her life-long interest in the Earl family is represented in the exhibition by 20 paintings by Maud Earl, 5 paintings by George Earl and 1 painting by Thomas Earl, all from her collection.

When George Earl (1824-1908) embarked on his career as a painter of dog and sporting subjects, he would never have imagined that almost his entire family would follow suit. George’s brother Thomas (fl. 1836-1885) came to specialize in portraits of dogs, and his daughter Maud (1863-1943) became internationally recognized for her purebred dog portraits. George’s son Percy, from a second marriage, came to be known for his horse portraits.

George Earl is perhaps best known for his paintings of sporting dogs, but from a purebred dog point of view, his series entitled “Champion Dogs of England” is the most historic. He painted the series in the 1870's, just as the Kennel Club was being formed. Forty individual portraits of well-known dogs were portrayed, most owned by important dog fanciers of the day. Nine of these circular portraits are represented in this exhibition.

And while little is known about George’s brother, Thomas, he was very successful during his lifetime, exhibiting 47 paintings at London’s prestigious Royal Academy.

George’s daughter Maud began painting portraits of dogs while still a teenager, and she produced an extraordinary body of work during her lifetime. Her painting of a spaniel retrieving a duck in the current exhibition was painted when she was only sixteen years old. She painted virtually every breed of dog for the most prominent dog owners of the day, including Queen Victoria herself, for whom she painted a portrait of her white Collie named, Snowball.

It is hoped that this exhibition will bring attention to this extraordinary artistic family, whose combined paintings provide a visual history of late nineteenth and early twentieth century purebred dogs.

This exhibition and sale will continue through July 6, 2018.
The paintings in this exhibition are all available for purchase and all subject to prior sale.

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